About us

CreditBook launched in 2020 with a single aim: to improve the financial outcomes of small and medium businesses across Pakistan.

Starting with a simple digital ledger, the company has been building secure software for millions of businesses to manage their credit, sales and expense cycles.

Our values

Our culture is shaped by 6 core values


We believe in continuous research. By connecting 'why' with 'what', we can help build the products of tomorrow.


The ability to understand multiple perspectives is at the core of value creation, be it with your customers, team mates or partners.

Push boundaries

We believe in questioning what’s possible by encouraging debate, friction, and challenging one another to reach the most viable solutions.

Bias for action

We thrive on movement, growth and the bravery to make considered decisions when faced with uncertainty.

Communicate Openly

We believe in over-communicating for effective collaboration so that we can bring out our individual strengths as a collective.


We believe in making informed decisions even when we are surrounded by ambiguity.

Our Team


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